A Likely Scenario


The road to reach a point of water, which was three hours before, is now only 15 minutes, and the water is drinkable.

An experienced health practitioner teaches your village the importance of hygiene facilities. Your community builds services, healthcare facilities, and creates special places to wash your hands.

You are TU to join the Water Committee to supervise the new source of drinking water in your village.

You can use your free time and your new drinking water source to cultivate your garden and feed your family, and you can also sell the vegetables that come to the market.

Your kids spend more time at school instead of walking for hours to get to the water; you can graduate and become teachers, nurses or entrepreneurs in turn.

A village next to you comes to know how drinking water has changed your lives: they have an instance and the cycle begins again, even for them.

“In an economy, water is incredibly complex and at the same time a very delicate force. It is the only true constraint for the expansion of every city, and bankers like business executives have defined it as the only natural limit to economic growth “