In Italy:

  • Solidarity for Italian brothers: support for families and listening to youth discomfort.
  • Support network for other associations: small as help in the realization of their projects, great to offer their own contribution.

In Africa:

  • Sensitivity to Africa’s “shortcomings”: focusing on evolution and development by offering our resources.

In Italy

Solidarity for Italians:

Support for families

The principles that characterize and distinguish the Association C.Aid NGOs are based on attachment and sense of belonging to our country. The prospect is to realize solidarity as a form of attention and care to the people around us and too often neglected because of the wrong conviction that, for charity, we must go far to India, Africa or South America, and the result is that we do not see the problems of those next to us: the clochard at the corner of the road we go every day to go to work, the neighbor who lives daily the difficulty of falling between children and work and is often too exhausted to see the problems of his family, so many stories of Italians pouring into indigent situations and feeling abandoned. C.Italian .
The vision behind the Association is to make solidarity from the reality we live in, because even in Italy it is needed. These are different needs than those that can be recorded in the South of the world, but are still problematic situations that need to be tackled and resolved. The idea is to think first about our compatriots and then to foreigners and motivation is simple: because it is right. To have respect and tolerance for cultures and peoples other than us does not mean to forget about who we are and who among us is suffering from the problems of our country, it is therefore necessary to start solidarity starting from Italian families, supporting their needs, thinking of offering a free school canteen service for example, or with a food collection or used clothes,

Listening to youth discomfort:

The Association’s thinking addresses the difficulties of young people and is concerned about listening to their needs to understand how to solve the discomfort they face and offer an opportunity to emerge and to contribute to the Society. The practical realization of this project is aimed at creating employment in the sense of making it easier to get involved in the workplace through a direct link between companies looking for staff and young people.

Solidarity as a support network:

C.Aid’s prospect is to be a support to other associations, both for small realities to be supportive to facilitate the realization of their projects, and for the great realities with which to collaborate and to make their own contribution. The goal is to create a dense network of help, because only through the work of all can be achieved more.

In Africa

Solidarity as sensitivity to Africa’s “shortcomings”:

The Association focuses its attention on Africa because it is sensitive to what is still missing in this country: the primary assets of civilization. Specifically, we want to highlight the fact that many populations live without water in the literal and brutal sense of expression, since they do not have an aqueduct, women and children are forced to go several times over the day to take water in the riverside near the village, if they are lucky, or they have to walk several kilometers on foot. C. Aid believes that such a reality is unacceptable nowadays and promotes projects for social development and development in these areas, such as the creation of wells and dispensaries in which to provide assistance to patients in an environment comfortable.

With regard to economic development, the Association promotes the initiative to distribute in some parts of Africa, part of the garments used in Italy, to donate some to the populations of the poorest villages and others as goods to be sold at specially-equipped outlets by the Association.