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Fondazione Codice Italia

The spirit that moves the Foundation lies in the will to support the wealth of knowledge and skills of Italians in the world and to support the quality and excellence of Made in Italy. The goal is to collect the ideas and the energies of small and medium-sized Italian companies, to build an effective network of relationships between companies at national and international level.


Association of culture, sport and leisure is a national association of social promotion that carries out activities in the field of culture, sport and leisure and social tourism.


We support the work of the voluntary physician Aldo Lo Curto in protecting the most remote populations of the world (Asia, South America and Africa) always respecting their cultures and traditions. Alongside his activity as a general practitioner for almost thirty years, Lo Curto has been developing micro-projects directly on the field aimed at improving living conditions, such as the construction of health centers, homes and schools; donations of ambulances and vehicles, etc …