Education project

 The construction of schools is the cornerstone of the C.AID educational project. To ensure the success and sustainability of our schools, C.AID works with governments and local communities on project implementation processes. The local Education Office has the task of providing teachers and school books; basic school includes 4 classes for 500 boys and costs around 60.000Euro (15K per room)
 Libraries are built in some of our schools to enrich existing classes. The Agricultural Institutes work on shifts according to which the students come in the morning or in the afternoon. Libraries allow students to have a place to study even when they do not have lessons and their cost is around 50,000 euros.
 The laboratories are built only in some schools because they require more complex and expensive equipment and therefore do not build many. They are therefore present only in high schools and thus provide an accessory to the equipment essential for scientific subjects for students. They cost about 50,000 euros.
 The toilets are a crucial part of our educational project: girls have a higher rate of school dropout because they do not have a bathroom because of their intimacy. By building separate Hygienic services (man / woman) in schools, the dropout rate is drastically reduced.
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